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  • Amanda Guzman

Derrick Adams: Sanctuary

Derrick Adams: Sanctuary is on view at the MAD | Museum of Arts and Design until August 12.

Walking through contemporary art exhibits - while avoiding stepping onto or into installations - can feel treacherous to a casual visitor. Walking though Derrick Adams: Sanctuary we were made mindful of our journey through the space and how we could (through the presence of literal doors) - and couldn’t - traverse it. The show is a poignant reflection on The Negro Motorist Green Book (1936 -1967), by Victor Hugo Green, which outlined safe travel locations for African Americans during the Jim Crow era. In a current moment where space and movement is deferentially regulated, the pursuit of sanctuary extends beyond history and museum walls.

- Amanda Guzman

Visit the exhibition website:

Learn more about the historical inspiration for the show:

Photo by Jenna Bascom. Courtesy Museum of Arts and Design.

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