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  • Amanda Guzman

Open Air Memorials and Remembrance

Keeping It 100 (+46 words!!) is back with a new review and under the very different conditions of our current pandemic moment!

So much of how we see art is in the context - whether it’s the frame that the artist chose or the display format that the curator arranged. We are accustomed to viewing memorials outside but stone and monumentality are usually the classic forms of remembering. Treasures on the Terrace is an accessible socially distanced art break of 19 photographic reproductions and object labels that reminds us why we might love visiting the museum in normal times with important new shifts in representation but falls short in conveying properties like scale and material. We wondered what a show in direct response to our current moment might look like. The CoVIDA memorial to pandemic victims represents the fragility and celebrates the interconnectedness of human life with papel picado winged figures and Day of the Dead flower garlands alongside an invitation for visitors to add to memorial ribbons.

-Amanda Guzman

Andrea Arroyo’s “CoVIDA - Homenaje a las Victimas de la Pandemia, 2020” is on display at the gates of the Morris Jumel Mansion in Roger Morris Park until December 31st.

“Tesoros en la Terraza” is on display in the Audubon Terrace at the Hispanic Society Museum & Library until December 6th, Mondays-Saturdays 11 am - 5 pm.

Both open air displays are free of cost to visitors.

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