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  • Amanda Guzman

The Museum of the Old Colony

The Museum of the Old Colony an installation by Pablo Delano is now on view at the Hampshire College Art Gallery until November 11.

With the upcoming one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria's devastating aftermath in Puerto Rico, there is a growing national call to critically revisit the island's relationship to the American mainland. This traveling installation positions visitors within an imagined collective of historical imagery. The stark lack of traditional object text panels in the "museum" compels viewers to confront the past without a curated lens of scholarly interpretation. From haunting images of social inequality to quiet, yet telling portrayals of an increased American influence and patronizing, often dehumanizing original stereo-graph captions, the legacy of U.S. representations of Puerto Rico remains ever-relevant today. - Amanda Guzman

Learn more about the current exhibition here:

Author viewed the exhibit in February 2017 at New York University's King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center.

Images by Pablo Delano

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