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  • Nicole Garvin

An Exhibition that has EVERYTHING!

What can we say about an exhibition that has almost everything!? Well, we will try to find something!

NYPL The New York Public Library Treasures, The Polonsky Exhibition brings together 125 years of the NYPL preservation work across all of their branches.

The exhibition layout does not follow the normal order. To your immediate right, there is a text panel, you go back to the middle, loop around the vitrines on the right, go back to the front, walk towards the back, loop around a few times again, and so on. All while trying to work around visitors crowding around more popular items and going in the opposite flow of traffic.

The exhibition is mainly thematic. Within themes of Visual History and Performance, each vitrine follows a semi-chronological timeline. The NYPL points out important items like Thomas Jefferson's handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence, a letter from James Baldwin, and The Gutenberg Bible. However, there may be some items you may miss or pass by like a handwritten letter by George Washington and Toussaint L'Ouverture, The roll call from the House of Representatives voting on the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery, Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species printed in 1859, a Mozart 1779 composition. Did we forget to mention that this is free. IT'S FREE!

The exhibition items will be rotated over time with other items from the NYPL collection.

We often think about access and this exhibition is an incredibly important resource that is accessible in-person and online.

-Nicole Garvin

To reserve your timed tickets click here:

Collaged exhibition photographs by Nicole Garvin

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