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  • Amanda Guzman

Under One Roof Tour

© 2018 Tenement Museum | 103 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002 | tel 877.975.3786

The Under One Roof tour and exhibit is ongoing at the Tenement Museum.

103 Orchard is not your typical “historical house.” There is no need to adjust yourself to the dark and cramped hallways like those of existing, pre-1935 staged rooms at the Tenement Museum. The history in the Under One Roof tour is a more recent, inclusive one with narration from three families representing distinct incoming communities: displaced WWII European refugees (1950s), Puerto Rican migrants (1960s), and Chinese immigrants (1970s). Besides the use of handouts, recordings, and touch screen supplements, the tour guide encouraged visitors to sit in different rooms like guests, discuss these American stories, and consider the intersections of experience. - Amanda Guzman

Visit the exhibition website:

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